Continuing from where we left off ( What is your Life Purpose & Destiny (Part 1) ? ), in this article, I am going to go through the calculation step by step using my date of birth and name as an example.

Life Path Number
In numerology, the most important number is your life path number. This number is calculated from your date of birth and reveals the major lessons you are here to learn  during this lifetime. The calculated number will provide you with an idea of your skills and abilities which you possess and also some negative traits which is associated with the number. By knowing this information, we can work on and improve on those challenging areas that require our attention, unleash and expand upon our natural abilities which will bring us to greater heights on this journey.

Without further ado, I shall proceed with my life path calculation. Let's see what are my strength and weakness in this lifetime. :)

     My date of birth: 20 October, 1978.

There are 4 steps involved in the calculation as illustrated below :

Add up the digits in my year of birth.
My year of birth is 1978. Adding 1 + 9 + 7 + 8 gives us 25. Adding 2 + 5 gives us 7

Add up the digits in my day of birth (if more than one digit).
My day of birth is the 20th. Adding 2 + 0 gives us 2

Add up the digits in my month of birth (if more than one digit)
My month of birth is October, which is the 10th month. Adding 1 + 0 gives us 1

Add up the answers from (1), (2), and (3) above.
The totals, then, are 12, and 7. To get our final answer, we add these three numbers together to give us 10: Adding 1 + 0 gives us 1

From the above calculation, my Life Path is 1. Ok, now that we know that my Life Path is 1, what does it mean ?

You have a great faith in yourself that often achieves result despite great odds ... yet at the same time, has you often accused of having an enormous ego. However, in your defense, it is that enormous ego that gives you the daring and courage to change everybody's life for the better.

You have probably been born into one of two life paths. Either you have been born into wealth and privilege and coddled by lucky circumstances into becoming "great" in some way or you are thriving despite great challenges such as poverty and war. The number 1 is the number of the hero and this is why you find many disabled as well as super achievers (such as military leaders and business magnates) born under this life path number.

You are also usually blessed with good health, vitality and endless inspiration. Your number is very connected with the divine and you often feel especially connected to God or your subconscious mind. However, as you are such an individualist, this insistence on listening to your hunches often make you appear irrational or even insane to others, that is, until the direction of your gut instincts pays off and all benefit.


The above is just a short description of Life Path number 1, I shan't bore you with the details as I'm sure you are more interested in your own Life Path than mine right ?  ;)

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Did anyone of you have the same Life Path as me ? Is your personalise numerology report accurate for you ?

Note: There are exception to the calculation, e.g. Master Numbers 11 and 22 are NOT reduced to single digit. November, 11th month, birthdays on 11th, 22nd or the calculated sum totals 11 or 22 remain as it is and are known as master numbers. 

Let's continue the calculation of my name in the next article, in the mean time, enjoy your FREE numerology report :)

To be continued......

To your health, abundance and infinite ability,

Writer: Ang Tze Wei

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